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LEADING RTPI ASSOCIATE TOWN PLANNERS. we specialize in both the public and private sector throughout the united kingdom. for unmatched quality, contact us.

Town Planning Services

Planning Appeals

It is well documented that Planning Departments across England are understaffed and under pressure, this often result in poor and rushed decision making. If this has happened to you there is only one way to take it further – Appeal the decision!

Our in-house RTPI Accredited Town Planners have a wealth of planning appeals experience, both acting on behalf of LPAs and Private Sector Clients.  We have an evidenced appeals success rate of over 90% and will not take on your appeal if we do not think there is a realistic chance of success at appeal.  At Arch Planning we have access to thousands of recent appeal decisions on a wide range of development proposals.  We will take the stress out of your planning dilemma. Our success lies in the fact that we have a strong inside knowledge of the planning system and we truly understand how planning decisions are made.  We also have unrestricted access to specialists from other backgrounds to help with more unusual cases.

Planning Appeal Fees

Our initial consultation on your likely chances of success at appeal is completely free of charge and you are under no obligation to use us going forward.  We will do an honest and completely objective review of the case, taking into account the LPA’s reason(s) for refusal, the policy position and advise on your chances at appeal.